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29-abr-2021   Ensuring we obtain Clients' signatures
Consultants: Sometimes we don’t get the signature of our clients who have received counseling services. If we don’t, the sessions are not counted by the SBA in their reports to Congress. Please try to make sure you get your clients’ signatures so your work will be fully accounted. Program Coordinators: The process to remind your clients that a signature is crucial for their ongoing relationship with your program, is relatively easy: Simply click on the link on the Data Maintenance page, and then choose the Email option. Neoserra has a built-in email template titled: "Online Agreement Request" which can be sent to all of these clients at once.

03-feb-2021   Introductory Neoserra Training for New Users Webinar
Date: 3/15/21 Time: 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT) Fee: No Fee Register here: https://outreach.ecenterdirect.com/events/281 This webinar is an opportunity for new Neoserra users to get some initial training on the application. This two-hour session will get you familiar with the Neoserra interface and show you how to use the application to create new client and activity records. We will also show you how you can review activity by client; activity by counselor and activity by center. Data can be presented in a summary, detail or graphical format. We will show you how your email messages can be directly logged to the client record and how you can use the calendar to keep track of your appointments and tasks. The Neoserra calendar can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal. And, of course, Neoserra ensures compliance with both SBA and DLA funded programs.

03-feb-2021   The 2021 Knowledge Exchange Program (KEP)
We need your input to plan a virtual 2021 Knowledge Exchange Program (KEP), which will probably be held in mid-May 2021. It's form will probably be several two-hour sessions over two days, online. For historical context, in 2019 the KEP had a theme on the topic of Business Succession. 2018's KEP seemed not to have a theme, with twelve speakers presenting over two days. In 2020, there was no Knowledge Exchange Program due to COVID-19 disruptions. What would you like to see in a virtual Knowledge Exchange Program in 2021? Theme? Topics? Speaker suggestions? Email James.Poole@state.mn.us with "KEP Idea" in the subject line, please.

03-feb-2021   Neoserra Two-factor authentication is in effect
Effective January 1, 2021, you will have to use two-factor authentication to log into Neoserra. For this to work, you should add your mobile phone number into Neoserra. If no mobile phone number has been entered into Neoserra, then the code will be emailed to your email address on file. If, for whatever reason, you do not receive the code, then you may ask Neoserra to resend it either via SMS or via email. Learn more at https://support.outreachsystems.com/resources/help/neoserra/faq.jsp?id=n374. Thank you! Jim

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